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CMI-Rio Dec 18
Aldeia Maracanã suffers new attack!

The space that now hosts Aldeia Maracanã, a building opened in 1930 by Marshal Rondon and transformed by anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro in the Indian Museum, abandoned for years by the government, was first occupied by the Indians in 2006 who started there educational, therapeutic and cultural activities such as teaching Tupi, indigenous dances and rites and selling of traditional crafts. From the beginning it was opened as a place to raise awareness of indigenous culture by the Indians themselves, a huge difference compared to other areas as the official Indian Museum in Botafogo which houses the colonial history of Brazilian Indians. The whole area was donated for the indigenous peoples of Brasil in a document.

The space would go unnoticed by the population if not for the arrival of the World Cup to Brazil which made the whole area of the Maracanã avaiable to global financial speculation. Since the announcement of the World Cup that the Indians have been preparing for battle with the first attack occurred in March this year (Forced removal of the village maracanã or how not to make a world cup). Since then, the space converged activists from many different social movements with intense activity as well as people in solidarity with our ancestral heritage. The collective project of the indíxs of Aldeia Maracanã is an Indigenous Un iversity, something still lacking in our country.

Next to the Aldeia there are two more areas within this indigenous territory in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a building recently constructed (Lanagro River - National Agricultural Laboratory of Rio de Janeiro) fitted in rooms and another one already parcially destructed for the World Cup. This fully functional building annexed to the Museum, was the place occupied by activists and índixs this Sunday March 15 during the meeting of the FIP (Popular Front Internationalist). The space would be used as the future headquarters of the Indigenous University.

This was the main motivation for this new attack. On the same day 80 policemen from Tropa de Choque invaded Aldeia without written orders and in illegality and brutal force arrested 25 people resisting in solidarity with the indigenous cause and desocuppating the whole area. A Guajajara Indian remains so far in a tree inside Aldeia, the remaining occupant in the Museum.


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cmi Aug 26
Land occupations in Sao Paulo

In the early morning of last saturday, 24/8, homeless families occupied two different areas in Sao Paulo.

More than 400 families organized by MTST (Homeless Worker's Movement) occupied a 10.000 m2 terrain in Paraisopolis, in southern Sao Paulo, one of the finest areas of the city. The terrain is right in between the Massions of the Morumbi neighborhood and the Paraisopolis community.

Another occupation took place in the city of Osasco, in the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area, with about 100 families organized by "Movimento Luta Popular" (Popular Strugle Movement). This is the third occupation put over by the group in the last two months. Its participants are tired of awating for the so called "right to housing".

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Aug 19
Coffee with batucada. I want to decide too!

Around 10 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, August 17th, the RECUSA network (RECUSA stands for "Cultural Network of Autonomous Solidarity") initiated a protest in front of the "Novotel Jaragua" Hotel, in the centre of São Paulo, to reclaim the society's real participation in decisions about public funding for culture. The demonstration was named 1st Great RECUSA Demonstration / Coffee / Escrache / Batucada.

The coffee-escrache questioned the current model for public cultural investments, that gives the private sector the power of making decisions for public cultural policies, affecting the whole population. This is why the protest took place in front of the hotel: it was hosting a seminar to discuss public financing for culture. The participation in the seminar was dependent on a R$ 350,00 per-person coffee-break (over US$ 700,00). At noon, the protesters entered the hotel and went two floors down to the hotel's auditorium: among the protesters where people from different collectives of culture and communication, the "Fanfarra do MAL" (the "Autonomous and Libertarian Movement's Band"), and a walking radio. In the auditorium they interrupted the seminar and read a letter of claims.

The group used artistic interventions and subtle touches of sarcasm to denounce the perverse logic of the public financing system for culture in Brazil. There where theatrical interventions featuring "Carmem Miranda" and "Marta Suplicy" (Marta Suplicy is the current Minister of Culture). Carmem Miranda asked for her part of the Rouanet Law (a Brazilian law for cultural investments); and "Marta Suplicy" talked about a "culture in the axis", in allusion to the so called "Sao Paulo-Rio-de-Janeiro axis" (where most of the money for cultural projects goes), and also in allusion to "Fora-do-eixo", a very polemic Brazilian group that uses social movements' demands to gain power and visibility.

The demonstrators denounced the Rouanet Law and other Brazilian laws that allow private companies to choose, according to their interests, what artistic and cultural projects will be financed. Executives make decisions on what movies, plays, and concerts should be financed by public money. In exchange for that, they can deduct a certain percentage of the investment off the Income Tax. The interests of the population are once again subjected to the profit of private companies.

On its manifesto, the RECUSA network makes its position clear: "We want art and culture, as well as health care, education, and transports, to be taken as social rights, not as goods. We want public money for a public art, with law programs created with the participation of society".

No more coffee-break dialogs! In response to the politics of coffee-breaks we say: "cafezinho popular!"

Photos 1st part | 2nd part | 3rd part

Movie: 1st part | 2nd part | 3rd part | 4th part | 5th part

Cover Letter of RECUSA

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Aug 09
Reporting - The fall of the Wall of Shame

Residents of the Favela do Moinho community in the center of Sao Paulo worked in alternate shifts for three days to put down the "Wall of Shame": a wall built by the city government in september 2012, after a fire had broken out in the favela

The wall functioned as a means to prevent the residents from reoccupying the area destroyed by the fire. According to Kassab, the mayor in 2012, the area was to be re-urbanized. That never happened. On top of that, the wall put the community in great danger, as it blocks escape routes in the case of a new fire or any other emergency. The current mayor, Haddad (from PT, the worker's party), promissed to put the wall down, but never took any action to do so.

Last Sunday, August 4th, people came together to put an end to this situation. Bearing mallets and willpower the community put down the "wall of shame". According to the residents, the area will be used for housing and revitalization of the Favela.

Putting down the wall was an action for the right to urban space. It took place during the "II Festival Moinho Vivo" (II Moinho-Alive Festival), a festival for the empowerment of suburbian culture. Musicians and artists from various collectives took part in the event: there was hip-hop, djs and an independent drums' band. The police came to the festival twice, questioning the legitimacy of the action. Putting down the wall was broadly discussed and a governmental promisse, as it is registered in one of the mayors speech.

Photos 1st part | 2nd part | 3rd part | 4th part | 5th part | 6th part | 7th part | 8th part

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MPL-SP Jun 17
São Paulo - 5th Great Demostration Against Increase of Transport Fares!

São Paulo - 5th Great Demostration Against Increase of Transport Fares!

Monday, June 17th 2013
Meeting point at Largo da Batata - Pinheiros - São Paulo, from 17:00.

The fight of São Paulo's population against the increase in the fares of the so called public transport is even bigger and stronger!

But the only response of the government is even more aggressive with arbitrary police repression of all demonstrations.
Last thursday, a peaceful demonstration of over than 20 thousand people, was out of the blue attacked by the police with tear gas bombs and rubber bullets.
It was clear that the violence started from the police.
They want to shut us, break apart and weaken us.
But we won't allow this!
Nobody will stop our right to protest on the streets until the fares will go down!

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IMC Brazil Dec 04
IMC Brazil supports Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Whereas many times when Indymedia servers, which the IMC Brazil is part of, suffered attempts of censorship by being kidnapped by the FBI and other authorities, we also received support from several organizations that fight for freedom of speech.

Whereas when IMC San Francisco published leaked documents from Diebold proving that their electronic voting machines were not secure, the Indymedia network received a takedown notice trying to censor these documents and with the support of EFF and other organizations we were able to keep the information online.

Whereas when our volunteers are attacked, imprisoned and even murdered, as the case of volunteer Brad Will, we received support and solidarity from groups and movements around the world who struggle for the democratization of information.

And considering thousands of other examples like these, the Independent Media Center of Brazil, states its public support for the Wikileaks site and its founder Julian Assange.

Read the Full Note


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Nov 18
(RJ) SOS VILLAGE TABOINHA - Demolitions, foul play and illegal.

On the morning of 12/11/2010, the community received another visit from a bailiff informing the start of the demolition of homes "empty," always in quotes because many of them, though unfinished, its occupants are living next door, in wooden shacks that were not registered by the City and may come down the same way.


Apparatus of the state and city government is preparing to dump Taboinhas Village (RJ)

Shock Battalion is currently invading the favela Taboinhas

Despite the brutality, resistance Village Taboinhas can win

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Grassroots Movement and Free radio movement Mar 29
Resistance Festival and Latin American Free Radios Broadcast

This Saturday, March the 13th, the City of Mexico held the Resistances Festival, in which 12 bands and musicians helped gathering 10 thousand and 400 people against the criminalization of social movements and to strengthen and give notice of 9 movements of indigenous, farmers and workers: the Autonomous Regional Council of the Zona Costa de Chiapas, Council of Ejidos Communities Opposed to the Parota Dam, Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon, Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities - Community Police, People's Front in Defense of the Land of San Salvador Atenco, Independent Francisco Villa Popular Front ? UNOPPI, Ñomndaa Radio, SME and the Widows of Pasta de Conchos.

At the same time, free and community radio stations of at least 4 countries (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina) interconnected their playlist to the Festival and themselves, trading contents and retransmitting by the internet and in electromagnetic waves. In Brazil, the movement counted with the free radio station of the Federal University of São Carlos, in São Paulo. The Porto Aérea radio station, in Rio de Janeiro, had its first trial transmission this Saturday, and not only did it participate of the Festival but it also organized a meeting with free radios of many groups, intending to rearticulate the rhizome of free radios in the area and to propose actions to the Urban Social Forum. In the same place there was also a meeting with the Flor da Palavra rhizome, of Zapatista influence, which acts in terms of making the communication and solidarity easier between social movements and other groups, especially the ones ?from under?.

Festival?s Site: Youth in Alternative Resistance

Movements already occurred in Brazil: (2006) Rede Arrastão de Rádios ? A little story | (2006) Arrastão de rádios livres ? this weekend | (2006) International rhizome of free radios in action this saturday | (2006) Rádio Movement, now, here, in any radio (or computer connected to the internet) internet) | (2005) Sunday?s Schedule of the Rede Arrastão | (2005) Saturday?s Schedule of the Rede Arrastão

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Privatization / MEXICO Mar 12
Electricial Workers fight against privatization in Mexico.

In the night of the 10th day of October of 2009, the Mexican president, Felipe Calderón, gave the police order to invade and occupy the electric state company Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LyFC) and close the company. An illegal act, for the decree that liquidated the firm was only published the following day (11/08/09). Overnight 44.000 workers lost their jobs. They are part of the Electricians Mexican Syndicate (SME), which originated in 1914 when the forces commanded by Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa occupied the city of Mexico. The government?s offensive against the syndicate has a clear objective, which is to weaken the state company LyFC to then privatize it.

The story dates back to July of 2009, when the SME elected its new board. Whe a syndicate elects a new board in Mexico, it must notify the Secretariat of Work and Social Prevention, which then issues the so called ?note-taking? to validate the existence of the syndicate. The thing is that the secretary, Javier Lozano Alarcón, didn?t emit the ?note-taking? and that way made the SME unrecognized by the government. Javier Alarcón claimed that there were irregularities in the SME?s elections, but never got to prove them.

From that moment on a media attack begun against the workers from the SME and the LyFC. The corporative media started to report that the LyFC was an inefficient company and to complain about the amount of money invested by the government on it. Also, the big means of communication ridiculed the benefits the workers from the SME had, reporting them as ?excesses?. For example, the access to therapy with dolphins, which deals with special children and kiss with physical deficiencies. Some members of the SME have children who need this therapy and thus the syndicate fought for such benefit, but in the TV news it became a joke and another form of attacking the syndicate.

Read the full article.

Links:(in portuguese) SME?s Blog | Audio from the speech given by Humberto Montes de Oca Luna from SME

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Combative and Emboldened General Strike in Greece

As dawn arose on Wednesday February 24th Greece found itself totally paralyzed by a general strike spurred by rigorous methods adopted by the socialist government in attempt to save the country from a budgetary financial crisis.

The streets of the Greek capital were covered in posters and pamphlets requesting Greeks to protest their motto: "People and their needs before markets!".

Around 40 thousand people participated in a march in the centre of Athens, with protestors wielding posters with slogans such as, "tax the rich", "don't pay for the crisis of the rich", and, "don't touch our pensions".

During the morning various altercations between youths and police were reported in downtown Athens. Protestors wearing masks threw molotov cocktails at the police and broke the windows of some banks, luxury stores, multinational companies, as well as other targets. A corporate bookstore was raided and its books distributed en masse to the protesters and transients. Other corporate establishments were also expropriated.

Read the article in Full

Image Gallery: 1 | 2

Other Texts: (portuguese) Latest news | ""I want you to know that I will always be at your side"" | prisões ocorridas no início do mês de fevereiro | one more police execution | Greece: Massive Participation in General Strike | General strike mobilizes Greeks and thousands protest in Spain | Greek fascist Goverment capture another journalist (english | General Strick and confrontations |

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After almost two years Free Radio Xibé (of Tefé in the Amazon region) will return to their daily programming schedule. On the 11th the collective contributors of the radio station reunited. Among those participating are 14 volunteers from Tefé's Center for Independent Media, the Regional Directory of Students (DRE in portuguese), the Amazon State Teachers Union, the Organization of People for the Indigenous People's Land Barrier Mission, the Ribeirinha Communications Network, and the (rap) group Explosão do Funk (Explosion of Funk). The proposal to unite various movements of the city in support of the radio station's return to daily program was ratified with the understanding that the groups will participate in the daily programming and management in a collective and vertical (rather than top-down) fashion. In addition to the movements educators, students and citizens from all walks of life, especially those who suffer in silence imposed by the numerous and varied processes of oppression, discrimination, and exploitation, hope to be invited to participate. This saturday is Carnaval in Xibé, with the "ajuri" (native for cooperative collective) installing anew the radio station in the University, this time in a space recently won through the mobilization of the DRE.

The radio station was originally born October 27th 2006 and cordially occupied a classroom at the Amazon State University at Tefé, soon winning the sympathies of many in the community both within and outside of the academic sphere; eventually, coming to have almost completely free daily programming schedule with some 30 people in participation. At the same time many video and lecture workshops took place in the majority of schools in Tefé and in community action extending to the university. Broadcasts continued daily until the commencement of classes in March of 2007 when the class was requisitioned due to the rising number of matriculated students. Afterwards, the radio continued broadcasting on weekends until June when their antenna was stolen during an Environment Week transmission. Thus commenced the "amateurish" phase wherein borrowed antennas from the Ribeirinha Network, and afterwards a small purchased antenna, were used. Ribeirinha gave free workshops on live broadcast radio as well as "word blossoms" (wherein a radio program abdicates it's programming to sum the actions of other groups) in neighbourhoods, communities, and native villages within the Tefé, Alvarães, Uarini, and Maraã communities and even lectures and courses in other states.

The university supported these actions through a research project taught as an extension called, "Laboratory of Free Communication", which fostered interconnection between these reflexive actions on culture, democracy, and anti-colonialism in the classroom, enabled the use of university equipment, won student grants from the state through which volunteers and students were able to fund the study of segregation in Tefé and of the processes of democratization of communications and sciences. The grants also allowed the creation of free and open mini-courses in community radio, documentary filmmaking, open software and others with the aid of visiting volunteer professors. In 2009 this project won second place in the FINEP prize for innovation in the northern region in the "Social Technology" category; this aided, along with the strengthening of the student movement, to create a favourable environment for the return of Radio Xibé's daily broadcast. Radio Xibé intends to request a community radio grant to guarantee at least one secure bastion of free expression exists in the city. However, the collective also has ideas to acquire more transmitters to start new free radio stations, as a network or not, and even a free Television station.

Photo History of Xibé's Radio: Roots of Xibe's: 2004 | 2005 | Birth of Xibé's: 2006 part 1 | 2006 part 2 | Xibé mambembe 2007 part 1 | 2007 part 2 | 2007 part 3 | 2008 part 1 | 2008 part 2 | 2008 part 3 | Xibé na Flor do Rock 2009 part 1 | 2009 part 2 | 2009 part 3 | I Festa do Movimento Cultural da Xibé (2007)

Vídeos e áudios (in portuguese): Chuva de Mídia Independente | Primeiras Entrevistas da Xibé | I Festa da Xibé | Camisetas do Cmi-Tefé | Jornal academico: entrevistas e debates com Francinete Chota | Explosão do Funk na Internet

Artigos (in portuguese): A universidade e a necessidade de rádios livres | Transformação e Reprodução Social na Experiência do Centro de Mídia Independente de Tefé | Disseminação da comunicação através de uma rádio comunitária na comunidade de Porto Braga da Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá | O Centro de Mídia Independente de Tefé: mídias livres na educação e na organização coletiva | Rádio na escola: uma proposta pedagógica para a democracia | Um laboratório de comunicação livre no Médio Solimões | A Flor Indígena: Artes de Fazer e Mídias Livres na Barreira da Missão | A fronteira virtuosa: universidade, mídias livres e diálogo intercultural

Editoriais antigos (in portuguese): Rádio Xibé ocupa Câmara dos Vereadores de Tefé e Anatel é contactada | Rádios livres do norte se mobilizam | Flor dos Movimentos Rurais (Tefé 2006) | Flor Indígena (Tefé 2007) | Flor da Vila Pescoço (Tefé 2008) | Flor das mulheres indígenas (Tefé 2008) | Flor da Palavra e Rock na Rua (Tefé 2009)

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On Monday the first of February 2010 the Rastafarian community Cajazeiras 10, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) suffered a form of torment at the hands of local media and government only experienced in poor communities: repression and humiliation. Police officers from Cajazeiras 10's police precinct, during an unprovoked morning raid, invaded the houses of residents without cause for suspicion. That afternoon, with a crew from the television program "Na Mira", police conducted one such invasion into the home of a resident who had cultivated two marijuana plants producing a horrific spectacle used to serve as a deterrent to others. The man and his wife were forced to lay on the ground and publicly humiliated.

The television program "Na Mira" [in sight], is one of several popular sensationalist programs which frequently exhibits police incursions, cadavers, as well as arguments and fights (always among those on societal margins) as well as interviews with prisoners in a tone of grotesque humour thus, making a mockery of what most would describe as serious. These shows invariably suggest an inherent association between violence and poverty and, therefore, a need for the state to violently repress the poor.

Although followers of the Rastafari religion (or philosophy) follow a disciplined and peaceful way of life they are victims of an enormous amount of prejudice due to they fact that they are mostly Black (of African descent) and often use Marijuana and "Dreadlock" their for religious regions. Nothing can justify the degrading spectacle promoted by the media and police nor the prejudice and common use of violence by the state to maintain control over the poorest members of the population; it is always the poor and black who are "in sight".

As of 08/02 the resident whose home was invaded remains imprisoned despite having been able to provide a fixed address and profession.

Read the Manifest letter of the comunity (just in portuguese)

Links in Portuguese:
- MP entra com ação contra programa que defende tortura | Ministério Público coíbe abusos em programas na Bahia | PROGRAMA 'NA MIRA' NÃO VAI SAIR DO AR
- Genocídio de população negra como política de Estado | Entidades responsabilizam Estado brasileiro por política de extermínio
- O Caso de Robson Freitas, rastafari e ativista | RASTAFARI: Cultura de Resistência | SEMINÁRIO - RASTAFARI e CONSCIÊNCIA SOCIAL (2007)

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Communique: CODEH condemns repression.

As was denounced in the last CMI editorial on Honduras, in which we said that the national press stopped following the happenings in that country with the assumption that a fraudulent election under a military coup could resolve problems in the area, aggression and violations of human rights have risen. In an interview with CMI, Jose Luis Baquedano, of the National Front of the Popular Resistance, alerted that the repressions would ramp up and that Hondurans in resistance would running the risk of losing their lives. Baquedano himself and his son have already received various telephone calls threatening their lives. We publish here the translation of the communication made on the 15th of February 2010 by the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in HOnduras (CODEH in Spanish):

We of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH), are extremely worried by the systematic persecution, temporary disappearing, tortures, rapes, and murders currently directed to cause terror in those who have resisted the attack on dignity and moral abuse promoted by media and complicit in the (coup government's) harassment policy, which constitute crimes against humanity. The persecution, today, has transformed itself into selective aggression against any person who rejects with stoicism and emancipatory conscience those who today continue to enjoy impunity and commit grave crimes to legitimize those who today give continuity to the coup regime created after the military coup of June 28th 2009.

For the record CODEH has observed with profound concern:

1. - The temporary disappearing of artists Hermes Reyes, member of the Movement of Artists in Resistance by Divinity and by Justice. Three men participated in his imprisonment, supposedly paramilitaries who forced him into a vehicle where they beat him while telling him they knew that members of the National Front of Resistance against the Coup d'Etat were found meeting that Friday, the 12th of February 2010, in the city of Siguatepeque. In the torture, according to statements from those who assisted Hermens, barbed wire was used and seriously damaged one of his eyes.

*Read the complete communique*

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DAY OF HUMAN RIGHTS, We fight for justice, reparation and FREEDOM!

Struggle for Justice, Freedom and Repair!

We, the families of victims of state violence Brazilian youth black and black residents of slums and suburbs, militants and citizens who are struggling and are in solidarity, we raise our voice on 10 December, International Day of Human Rights.

Once again we denounce the genocide, summary executions, the torture, mass imprisonment, the brutality of the police and prison officers (state agents). Brazil, presented as a tropical paradise where they will be held at the World Cup 2014 and 2016 Olympics, it seems more a giant concentration camp and extermination.

We denounce the racism and economic interests of elites, political corruption and police are behind so much death and violence.

We express our solidarity with social movements fighting for rights of the people and are thus criminalized and persecuted, as the landless, homeless, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendent communities threatened with eviction, trade unionists.

The judiciary can not contribute to the extermination of the black population poor! The Brazilian judicial system (judges, justices, promoters, etc.) has a wide share of responsibility in this situation.

Read the full article

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Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)

On 22 January 2009 an Indymedia server was seized by the Police in Manchester. This was probably related to postings about the recent SHAC trial.

Kent Police had e-mailed imc-uk-contact in the morning requesting that personal information about the judge in the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) trial be removed from the site. However this information had already been quickly removed in line with IMC UK policy. The e-mail also requested information relating to the poster be retained. Indymedia as an open posting news service does not log such information about its sources.

The warrant, as yet not seen by Indymedia, was we believe, specifically for this one server colocated in Manchester which is a mirror of the site. So it can only be concluded that the judge didn?t check the legality and validity of the request to remove it, and that the police wanted to attack the infrastructure within the UK.

Other sites that have been affected as a result of this seizure include London Indymedia, the global Indymedia documentation project server, la Soja Mata ? an anti-GM soya campaign focusing on South American development, Transition Sheffield and a Canadian campaign against the 2010 olympics.

Other Coverage: The Register | SchNews

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Text "A regulação da maconha é uma política social e de saúde"
28-07-2015 23:11

Image Tietê, um rio de sujeira e contradições
28-07-2015 22:48

Image Sob lei espanhola, 69% dos presos por tráfico no Brasil estariam livres
28-07-2015 22:23

Text Da guerra ao comércio de maconha
28-07-2015 22:06

Text Justiça Eleitoral retoma processo de cassação do governador de MG
28-07-2015 21:09

Text A verdade é que Lula traiu as esquerdas marxista
28-07-2015 21:01

Image Movimento pressiona poder público para implantar ciclovias em bairros periférico
28-07-2015 20:25

Text Em Salvador, carros respondem por 74% das emissões de gás de efeito estufa
28-07-2015 20:14

Text Prefeitinho de Taboao da Serra ousa desativar ciclovia!!!!
28-07-2015 20:06

Text Investimento no PAC cai 36% no primeiro semestre
28-07-2015 20:02

Image Plataforma digital amplia participação da sociedade
28-07-2015 19:49

Text Nove toneladas de resíduos perigosos são apreendidas na fronteira Brasil-Uruguai
28-07-2015 19:43

Text Ibama aplicou R$ 1,2 bilhão em multas nos seis primeiros meses do ano
28-07-2015 19:41

Image HADDAD 2018
28-07-2015 19:35

Text Dilma esta fazendo o que FHC não conseguiu: Entregando nosso petróleo
28-07-2015 19:27

Text Revitalização, vazão e viabilidade do Velho Chico foram temas de debate em Macei
28-07-2015 19:18

Text Umidade relativa do ar em BH ficará abaixo dos 30% até domingo
28-07-2015 18:54

Text Projeto São Francisco construirá casas para 98 famílias quilombolas
28-07-2015 18:52

Text Projeto São Francisco chegou a quase R$ 600 milhões em quatro meses
28-07-2015 18:48

Text Integração entrega 40 casas em Vila Produtiva Rural no Ceará
28-07-2015 18:38

Text PAC Mobilidade Urbana de Dilma não sai do papel
28-07-2015 17:26

Text Londres terá mais 51 ônibus elétricos em sua frota
28-07-2015 17:20

Text Vale terá novo trem de passageiros
28-07-2015 17:19

Text TJ derruba liminar que paralisava obras de ciclovias em SP
28-07-2015 17:17

Text Governo pretende levar acordo sobre déficit hídrico à Aneel na próxima semana
28-07-2015 17:08

Text Uma questão de estilo
28-07-2015 10:59

Image Abaixo a impunidade!
28-07-2015 10:38

Image 100 Anos da Recolonização do Haiti pelas tropas dos Estados Unidos
28-07-2015 09:22

28-07-2015 08:21

Text Desgoverno da Mentira e da Incompetência
28-07-2015 08:16

28-07-2015 04:12

Image Latinidades: capoeiristas debatem regulamentação da profissão
28-07-2015 00:54

Text Câmara vai analisar nova proposta de prazo para fim dos lixões
28-07-2015 00:51

Image Promessa tucana, maior parque linear do mundo continua no papel
28-07-2015 00:49

Text Pontos de coleta recebem 30t de resíduos recicláveis por mês, no AM
28-07-2015 00:33

Text Prefeituras não iniciaram projetos para o fim dos 'lixões'
28-07-2015 00:21

Image ABRACC - Associação Brasileira de Ajuda à Criança com Câncer
27-07-2015 23:52

Text 'Usina caseira' é opção para reduzir conta de luz
27-07-2015 23:30

Text Déficit hidrelétrico reaproxima ministério e Aneel após divergências
27-07-2015 23:03

Text Governo destina R$ 30,1 milhões para serviços de saúde no Paraná
27-07-2015 22:46

Image Ministério aprova planos de resíduos sólidos de Sergipe
27-07-2015 22:42

Text PT, Um Lixo de Partido
27-07-2015 19:04

Text Resiliência como superação de crise
27-07-2015 18:53

Image Produção de lixo no país cresce 29% em 11 anos, diz associação
27-07-2015 18:25

Text Brasil atingiu meta do milênio em redução de pobreza e fome, diz ONU
27-07-2015 16:57

Image Combate ao Câncer Infanto-Juvenil
27-07-2015 15:15

Text Antifascista de Rusia necesita la ayuda Anti-fascist from Russia needs help and
27-07-2015 15:08

Image Juízes a serviço da Globo querendo fazer a sociedade de idiota
27-07-2015 13:19

Text Reciclagem tira do meio ambiente 25 toneladas de eletroeletrônicos por mês
27-07-2015 12:55

Text Prefeitura e catadores assinam TAC e buscam soluções para lixões
27-07-2015 12:49

Text Desempregados, catadores do Aurá querem ação da Prefeitura de Belém
27-07-2015 12:48

Text Inflação em alta faz brasileiro perder noção de preços
27-07-2015 12:28

Text Projeto conservador busca criminalizar doutrinação ideológica em escolas
27-07-2015 11:41

Image ENLACES de Red Latina sin fronteras_Julio27
27-07-2015 10:33

Text O Debate Político e as Alternativas para o Futuro
27-07-2015 09:07

Text Paraphysique du non-dit
27-07-2015 02:57

Text Em visita ao Quênia, Obama discursa contra as tradições anti-mulher
26-07-2015 22:41

Text Venezuela, a caminho de ser um narcoestado
26-07-2015 22:15

Text Brasileiro paga mais imposto por bicicleta do que por carro popular
26-07-2015 20:17

26-07-2015 20:15

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