BRAZIL (in portuguese, with no subtitles)DATEFORMAT
A20 - Protesters suffer strong repression during manifestation against the FTAA in Sao Paulo.2001Quicktime
IMC Clip - A short clip showing people from several IMC collectives all over the world .2001Quicktime
Anita Garibaldi Occupation - A five thousand families occupation from the Movement of Homeless Workers (MTST), in Guarulhos, state of Sao Paulo.2001Quicktime
Carlos Lamarca Occupation - An occupation with thousands of families from the MTST, in Osasco, state of Sao Paulo.2002Quicktime
Genuine Pie - José Genoino, president of the Workers Party (PT) was pied during the 3º World Social Forum.2003Quicktime
Naked People Manifestation - During the 3º WSF, a naked people manifestation reclaim the right to be naked.2003Quicktime
Critical Mass in Sao Paulo - Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle protest agaisnt car culture and promoting bikes as a sustainable way to move around.2003Quicktime
Cid Moreira Video - Urban Intervention in the main Sao Paulo avenue during the Brazil Tactical Media Festival (a version of the Next Five Minutes Festival).2003Quicktime
Globo Makes a Scene - The journalist Britto Jr., from the biggest brazilian media corporation, Globo Networks, makes a scene during the Tactical Media Festival.2003Quicktime
Angry Old Woman - Old lady gets very agrain with the Tactical Media Festival.2003Quicktime
Cops Show Up at Tactical Media - The cops didn't show up to shutt down the IMC Free Radio, but they did because of the "noise".2003Quicktime
Critical Mass at Tactical Media - Critical Mass during the brazilian version of Next Five Minutes Festival.2003Quicktime
Police Chief at Tactical Media - Interview with the president of The Federal Police Chiefs Union, Armando Coelho Neto, which defends legal status to free and community radios.2003Quicktime
Famous on the Street - Cardboard Displays of famous people do a "march" in the most important avenue in Sao Paulo during the Brazil Tactical Media Festival.2003Quicktime
A Revolução Não Será Televisionada - Vídeo from the collective with the same name.2003Quicktime
Xuxa in Flames - Another video from A Revolução Não Será Televisionada. This one shows scenes from the fire at Xuxa Studios. Xuxa is a famous children entertainer in Brazil.2003Quicktime
Protest against war in Sao Paulo - Manifestation against US agression towards Iraq, in front of the north-american consulate on April 12th.2003Quicktime
Anatel Occupation (Rio Grande do Sul) - More than 20 activists occupy the Anatel office at Porto Alegre in protest agaisnt the wave of persecution towards free and community radios.2003Quicktime
Anatel Occupation (Sao Paulo) - More than 30 activists occupy the Anatel office at Sao Paulo in protest agaisnt the wave of persecution towards free and community radios.2003Quicktime
Camping in front of Petrobrás (Rio de Janeiro) - Camping of the oil workers in front of the Petrobras office againsg the poltical persecution the company have done against some employes. Petrobras is the brazilian state oil company.2003Quicktime
!No a la Guerra! - DJ Babão and Mr. Catra make a parallel between war in Iraq and civil war in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.2003Quicktime
ARGENTINA (in spanish, with portuguese subtitles)
In The Eye of The Storm - Documentary showing the argetinena uprising initiated in late 2001 and the IMC role on that.2002Quicktime
Brukman Workers Control - About the occupation of the suit factory in Buenos Aires by its workers.2002Quicktime
The Puerreydon Bridge - Documentary about clashes between piqueteros and the Buenos aires cops.2002Quicktime
MEXICO (in spanish and english, with portuguese subtitles)
Resistance Through Communication - It shows how EZLN uses mass media as a tool of resistance againts mexican goverment.Quicktime
SPAIN (in spanish and english, with portuguese subtitles)
New Kids On The Black Block - The video mixture images of the New Kids On The Block world tour with iamges of anti-capitalist protest all over the world.2001Quicktime
Critcal Mass in Valencia - Video about Critical Mass in Valecncia, Spain.Quicktime
ESTADOS UNIDOS (in english, with portuguese subtitles)
This is What Democracy Looks Like - 72 minutes showing the protests against the WTO summit in Seattle, US, in 1999.2001Quicktime
Michael Moore and the Oscar - Polemic speech of the "Bowling for Columbine" director at the Oscar ceremony.2003MPEG
Iraq Population Wants Peace - Video Produced by human shields volunteers days before the US attack.2003Quicktime


Repórteres Populares: A documentary about the Porto Alegre IMC orkshop in Porto Alegre/Brasil applied to social movements and poor neighbourhoods on the topic of how to produce their own media. (2002) - 6 min - portuguese with english subtitles

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